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moving pictures. some sweet stuff on this blog.

kinda like one type of evolution of what we were trying with some of a year at war.

From Me To You

boy in school

The Ernest Cole Family Trust/Hasselblad Foundation Collection

When he was only in his 20s Ernest Cole, a black photographer who stood barely five feet tall, created one of the most harrowing pictorial records of what it was like to be black in apartheid South Africa. He went into exile in 1966, and the next year his work was published in the United States in a book, “House of Bondage,” but his photographs were banned in his homeland where he and his work have remained little known.

Ernest Cole: Photographer – Slide Show –

gabriel j.x. dance

Thrush from Gabriel Bisset-Smith on Vimeo.


sherpa in summer time

The Deepwater Horizon drilling rig collapsed in the Gulf of Mexico on April 22, as indicated in the time code on this photograph.

Forensic engineers say it is too soon to know what happened with Deepwater Horizon, whose demise flooded the gulf with crude oil. They note that numerous federal agencies are involved in a series of detailed investigations, and that President Obama has appointed a blue-ribbon commission to make recommendations on how to strengthen federal oversight of oil rigs.

But the engineers hold, seemingly with one voice, that the investigatory findings will eventually improve the art of drilling for oil in deep waters — at least until the next unexpected tragedy, and the next lesson in making the technology safer.

Taking Lessons From What Went Wrong

Michael Brennan/Abrams Books

Led Zeppelin gather around a fireplace on the private jet they chartered while touring the States in 1975.