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u.s. income tax infographic

That’s a line for every year from 1913 onward, sized and colored by the tax burden: the amount of tax due relative to the long-term average at each income level. Above-average burdens appear thick and red and below-average thin and blue. We adjusted everything forinflation to ensure an apples-to-apples comparison, with the caveat that the effects of Social Security, Medicare, and other taxes are not included. The underlying data comes from The Tax Foundation, IRS, and Bureau of Labor Statistics, and is the same information we used in last year’s bracket graph, updated for 2011.

Shifting Burdens – U.S. Taxes By Income Level Over The Years.

What do you do with a kid who’s a little too eager, too quick for comfort? You give her Ritalin, or the fastest skis on the planet: The new, global HEAD commercial with ski superstar Lindsey Vonn.

boy in school

The Ernest Cole Family Trust/Hasselblad Foundation Collection

When he was only in his 20s Ernest Cole, a black photographer who stood barely five feet tall, created one of the most harrowing pictorial records of what it was like to be black in apartheid South Africa. He went into exile in 1966, and the next year his work was published in the United States in a book, “House of Bondage,” but his photographs were banned in his homeland where he and his work have remained little known.

Ernest Cole: Photographer – Slide Show –

gabriel j.x. dance

Thrush from Gabriel Bisset-Smith on Vimeo.

Najaf, Iraq, Aug. 22, 2004: A sniper loyal to Shiite cleric Moktada al Sadr fired toward American positions. Joao Silva for The New York Times

Joao Silva, 44, a contract photographer for The New York Times was severely injured on Saturday when he stepped on a mine in Afghanistan.

Q. Do you consider yourself a brave person?

A. No, not particularly. No. I mean, what is bravery? I don’t know what I’ve done that’s brave except going into a dangerous situation and taking pictures. There are people who do far more heroic deeds than I’ll ever do. And I’ve witnessed some of those deeds. So how do I think of myself in those terms, knowing that all I’ve ever done is photograph somebody else being brave?

via Joao Silva: ‘Acting Despite Fear.’ An Interview by Michael Kamber –

The Dawn of Mass Computing: Promotional Photos.

Even if we did see Android out there it would not matter because Android is imploding because of fragmentation which is what happens to all open-source projects. Although, as I said yesterday, Android isn’t actually open. So this is really weird because they aren’t open and yet they are fragmenting, and I know what you’re going to ask, you’re going to say, Steve, how is that possible, isn’t it a conundrum, or an oxymoron, and I’m going to say, No, it is not.

Android is closed. But it still has fragmentation. Like all open-source products.

so hilarious.

via The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : I’m not worried about Android. That’s why I keep talking about it all the time..