note: this is just a quick blog post with ramblings off the top of my head about somebody who had a tremendous impact on my life. however, it doesn’t talk much about the man himself. if you’re looking for good reads on steve jobs i’d start with this 1985 playboy interview. you can also read his obituary in the times.

steve jobs died last night.

i’ve been using computers for a long time. over twenty years i’ve been in their guts, coding, exploring, taking apart and building. i’ve always been fascinated by the potential that computers held.

forever growing up i used windows machines. i remember messing around in DOS for hours. i remember when windows 95 came out just being blown away.

but i also remember always being frustrated with computers. they were never reliable. they crashed all the time. there was always roundabout ways to do the most basic things. it seemed like every one was different, depending on the brand, and each had it’s own problems.

still i used computers and loved computers. but my love was mostly driven by the fact that my pc connected me to the internet. and the internet was what i really loved. so my frustration with my actual computer was tempered by my love for the internet.

in college, when doing computer science, i used mostly linux. linux was great. about 5% of the time. the rest of the time it was the biggest pain in the ass ever. doing THE most basic shit was impossible. i remember writing breadth-first searches on linux boxes and displaying them with an ascii map of pipes and stars. i learned a lot, but if most people had used linux boxes when learning how to use a computer… well let’s say the united states postal office would still have a viable business model.

when i went to graduate school i bought my first mac. a macbook pro. and it’s not an exageration to say that my life changed forever, in part because of that computer.

you see, i was trying to find a middle ground. somewhere between the forsaken land of linux, and the disease-riddled angst of windows.

my mac was the middle ground. it allowed me to start doing multimedia projects. i was able to incorporate this fabulously designed device, with the best operating system in the world, with the best multimedia software in the world, and in the end it led to me having the best career i ever could have hoped for.

my mac worked so well, and made so much sense, and was so beautiful, that it not only encouraged me to strive to do the same, it showed me that it was possible.

windows always felt like unfulfilled potential. bill gates introduced me to computers, but steve jobs made me love computers.

i use an iphone, work on an imac, and right now am writing this post on an air. just the other day, i told somebody that my new air was the single greatest device i’ve ever owned. the previous title holder? my iphone 4. before that? my macbook. before that? i never really had a favorite… i didn’t even imagine that you could.

steve fuckin jobs ftw man.