windoze confusesso it turns out that windoze 2007 (vista, whatev) launched today. that’s pretty sweet. and i’m being serious. do i like windows machines? no, am i going to use one again in the future? no. are they good computers? well… they’re computers, and those are good. so kinda.

i’m not trying to be an asshole or anything. i grew up on windows machines, and i still like computers, so i suppose i can vouch for them. and there’s no possible way windoze 2007 isn’t going to be sweet. i mean, it’s been like three lifetimes since they released an OS so basically anything is gonna be better.

i remember how i used to love when windows released an os. i seriously ate that shit up. windows 95? yes please! windows 2000 (dual processor)? rock me! windows xp (windows 2000 that doesn’t look like shit)? say goodnight! throughout though, windoze still sucked, but there wasn’t anything better/easier.

i used linux for a long time, because it was one of the previous two stipulations – better – but it was certainly far from easier. it could be a struggle doing basic shit, even though it was possible. there were always opensource solutions, they just usually sucked more than they helped.

and then windoze decided they were going to dick around for what seems like ever and apple was like, ok, well while ur doin’ nothing i’m going to stop listening to office managers and start listening to, well, anybody else. and then powerbooks were born, and then windoze died (to me) and that brings me to today.

the day windoze remembered they were in the operating system biz.

so i’m stoked to check out the new os. i hear it looks really slick and OSXy which many will appreciate because it’s better that way. and i’m not saying anything about windoze stealin from os x cause os x stole from others and everybody on the internet builds (steals) on top of everybody else cuz that’s how it goes. (because it’s often the fact that people copy those who are doing it well).

if anybody gets a chance to check it out and let me know how it goes, feel free. i’m very interested. maybe i’ll throw in on my macbook pro.